Our Childbirth Education Classes aim to provide you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to help you make informed choices as you prepare to birth your baby. 

Topics covered include;

  • Normal mechanisms and physiology of labour and birth
  • Peaceful and confident birthing
  • Tools and tips on how you can manage the challenges of labour
  • Pain relief options and how to work with the discomforts of labour
  • Interventions and unexpected outcomes
  • Normal newborn behaviour, sleep and settling and adjusting to parenthood
  • How to get off to a great start with breastfeeding 

Currently our classes are 4hrs in duration and are conducted on a Saturday afternoon from 1-5pm.

The cost is $250 (some private healthfunds may offer a rebate)

We limit the number to 4 couples/class (you are more than welcome to bring a mum, sister, friend instead!)



The classes are held at the PHYZ X Pilates Studio in the Leahey's Arcade (above the Essential Ingredient) Summer Street, Orange.

Debriefing about birth is a an important part of your transformation into parents and we love meeting the babies! We offer you an opportunity to join us in a debrief/chat in the coming months following your birth. Here you can tell your birth story in a safe environment and we can discuss further topics such as sleep and settling, breastfeeding, returning to work, exercise. You will be notified as to when the debrief will be held.


"Helping parents navigate the uncertainty of birth, breastfeeding and the transition to parenthood"

Registered Midwife, Endorsed Midwife, Registered Nurse, IBCLC Lactation Consultant, Child & Family Health Nurse.

Mother of five.

Nearly 20-yrs ago I started my nursing career, at the Royal Hospital for Women in the NICU. In 2005 I studied to become a midwife. My husband and I moved to Orange in 2006 and together we established a busy physiotherapy practice. In 2008 we welcomed our first child and I found that there was very little in the way of postnatal and lactation support. Fast forward to 2013 I became an Endorsed Midwife and an IBCLC and began working in private practice. In 2015 I furthered my studies by completing my child and family health certificate.

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