We have hospital grade double electric breast pumps for hire. 

If you are needing a breast pump to help and increase your milk supply then we would recommend using a double breast pump for greater milk yield. If you are just wanting to use a pump to help build up a stash of milk for your freezer or if you need to rest and express to just give your nipples a little bit of a break then a single pump would be fine (although a double will make it more time efficient).


  • The innovative interface enables you to create and save custom settings for future use.
  • With unique massage and expression settings, this unit can calibrate each mode individually.
  • The massage mode is for let-down purpose, to stimulate breasts before doing actual expression.
  • Expression mode is for the actual expression of breast milk.
  • Vacuum strength and cycle speeds can be adjusted manually and uniquely for either breast, enabling a personalized experience.
  • Adjust between settings and toggle back and forth between sides depending on your unique needs for a customized experience.
  • Two Motors allow full suction power without decreasing during double pumping. You can also set different cycles/vacuum power on each side.
  • Over 2 hours of rechargeable power or can work from a 14V 2A AC power adapter. 
  • The special design of the screen allows you to see clearly at night, and easy to adjust level, cycle, and modes by a touch of the screen.

Single Left, Single Right, Alternate, and Synchronous mode offers you to choose the most comfortable pumping condition which fits you!

  • Single L and Single R pumping modes are for one-sided expression. 
  • Synchronous pumping mode is for double expression for both breasts at the same time.
  • Alternative pumping mode is for double expression for both breasts alternatively.



  • Hospital grade pump
  • Hospital level strength of pumping and longer motor life durability
  • Double Sided Expression – Comes as a double so you have the option of single or twin pumping
  • Rhythmic Suction – Not just an in out pull but mimics the natural rhythm of a baby's suck.
  • Comfortable- Soft food grade silicon massager that stimulates a milk let down like a baby's tongue
  • Adjustable vacuum setting – enables optimum setting- wider variation of suction levels
  • Extra long life motor and efficient piston mechanism
  • Closed System – Back flow protection for hygienic pumping
  • BPA Free


A bond of $250 is required and will be refunded back to you on return of the unit.

  • Breast pump hire is $70/month or $25/week.
  • For hygiene reasons you will also need to purchase your own Unimom breast shield kit (includes a bottle) for $24.95. You will need 2 of these if you wish to double pump. These are not returned with the pump.
  • The breast pump hire cost includes the motor unit and charger as well as tubing and bottle holders.
  • Instruction manual included.
  • If you wish to purchase the pump after you have hired it just get in contact and we can arrange that for you! 

To comply with the IBCLC code of ethics both Unimom and MILC do not sell teats but a standard narrow neck teat from most other brands will fit the bottles.

    Breast pump hire can be arranged outside the shop opening times, if required, please ensure you contact us via mobile 0439 298 959.


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