MILC (Mothers Infants & Lactation Consultancy) was established in 2011. Initially it commenced as a private lactation consultancy practice however it was evident that women and their families needed and wanted more intimate support in the early weeks after having a baby so the idea of providing a little bit of postnatal love was born. Today MILC provides both antenatal and postnatal support to mothers and their babies in Orange and the surrounding towns as well as lactation consultancy and sleep and settling advice. The MILC love is able to be shared far and wide through the use of telehealth and phone consults. 

In 2015, my husband and I purchased the MILCSHOP. I fell in love with this little shop many years before and told him that one day I wanted to own that cute shop! At the time I had no idea what I would do in there and when I saw the "For Sale" sign go up the idea came to me, somewhere where we could have our own consulting space, somewhere where women could come and feed their baby in a clean, peaceful environment. Somewhere where women could hire a breast pump, and buy some gorgeous things for themselves and their baby but mostly somewhere women can feel comfortable, can ask a question and we could provide the number one tool we have of reassurance to what they are experiencing is normal and they are doing a fabulous job! We had a crash course in retail and after renovating and painting the shop inside and out we opened the doors in November 2016.

Personally I had a speed bump in my life with the birth of my 5th child in 2017. Her complex medical diagnosis threw me into a spin and all the wonderful ideas in my head for the MILCSHOP came to a screaming halt as she became my focus. This experience though has only enriched my ability to see things from a different perspective as I had to learn to navigate the world as a mum to a child with a disability.

In 2021, my partner Cassie, decided to move on from MILC. You can still find her providing support to new mums through our local hospital. I decided to continue on as I am passionate in providing the unique service we have created and also the many wonderful ideas I had are still there in my head and I hope that I can share them all with you in the not to distant future!


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