The early weeks of taking a new baby home can be challenging, emotional and overwhelming, so at home support and continuity of advice can ease the process and provide the reassurance that you are looking for. We are able to provide postnatal support for the first six weeks after the birth of your baby. 


  • Postnatal checks for you and your baby
  • Debrief your labour and birth story
  • Weighing your baby
  • Breastfeeding advice
  • Sleep and settling support
  • Reassurance on normal newborn behaviour
  • Normalising parenting expectations and feelings
  • Discuss the importance of your pelvic floor and the appropriate exercises to undertake
  • Make aware of postnatal supports in our community
  • Papsmear and 6 week check-up available 
  • Referral to any allied health professional where required


  • You are eligible for this service when you have been discharged from the hospital or the Community Midwife Program (CMP)
  • The visits are tailored for individual needs however most women will be offered a home visit once they are settled at home and for the first 2 weeks after birth.
  • Home visits are restricted to Orange residents due to time constraints of travel times. Clinic visits therefore are available for people that live outside of Orange
  • Our home visits are available Monday - Friday


  • If you & your baby are postnatally well we will offer you our services from our clinic after the initial 2 weeks of home visits. This way more women can access the service due to less travel time between home visiting


  • 0 - 6 weeks - bulk billed though Medicare
  • > 6 weeks or ineligible for Medicare- $100/consult (health fund rebate if lactation discussed)

Home visits out of town - $100 per visit