We both trained as midwives in a Breastfeeding friendly hospital (RHW -Sydney) so gained a wealth of knowledge which ignited our passion to help breastfeeding mothers and families. We have since become internationally certified lactation consultants (IBCLC) and have many years of clinical experience in breast feeding support and education. 

Being mothers ourselves, we also have many years combined personal experience to draw upon to assist you in achieving your breastfeeding goals.

Possible reasons to see a lactation consultant:

  • Antenatal education and breastfeeding plan
  • Antenatal expressing 
  • Reassurance of normal breastfeeding habits & breast/nipple care
  • Over supply or low milk supply
  • Expressing and storage of breastmilk 
  • Observe breastfeed & offer positioning & attachment advice
  • Oral mouth exam on infants to assess for tongue ties
  • Appropriate demonstration of breastfeeding aids (i.e. nipple shields)
  • Supporting breastfeeding mothers of twins
  • Diagnosing and treatment for blocked ducts, mastitis or thrush
  • Referral to dental surgeon/GP/speech therapist where required 

No referral is required to access Lactation services, simply contact the clinic for an appointment. 

The consult will include a thorough history, an assessment of breastfeeding your baby and with your concerns and breastfeeding goals first and foremost a treatment plan or management plan will be discussed. A follow-up phone call is included and will be made within a week of the consultation. 


  • Antenatal Midwife/lactation consultation - Medicare bulk billed service
  • Midwife/Lactation advice 0-6 weeks - Medicare bulk billed service
  • Lactation consultation after 6 weeks - $120 (private health fund rebates available)