Breastfeeding Week 1st-7th August

Unimom Minuet LCD Portable Double Electric Breast Pump

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  • The Unimom Minuet LCD Portable Double Electric Breast Pump is designed for mothers intending to express occasionally, and require a portable solution.

  • Patented genuine closed system* ensures hygienic expression of milk. No milk or micro vapours can back flow down the tubing into the motor, while preventing external air from contaminating the expressed breastmilk

  • BPA free

  • The Unimom Minuet LCD has a wide customisable cycle and suction range to allow effective and efficient extraction at the best possible comfort levels. It has unique 7 unique patterns of massage mode and 7 levels of expression mode plus 2 special patterns of expression mode

  • The built-in rechargeable Lithium battery provides up to 2.5 hours of battery life on a single charge

  • Weighing only 210g, the Unimom Minuet LCD is one of the lightest and most compact portable breast pump available.

  • An optional Switch Kit can be purchased to allow for manual expression without having to purchase a separate manual breast pump

  • Portable and quiet

  • Effective single/double sided expression

  • Electronically controlled

  • LCD display and soft touch controls

  • Vacuum range: 80-300mmHg

  • 1 year warranty

  •  Included:

    • 1 x Minuet LCD electric breast pump
    • 2 x breast shield (24mm)**
    • 2 x white valve***
    • 2 x bottle stand
    • 2 x bottle
    • 2 x bottle cover
    • 2 x cap
    • 2 x disk
    • 2 x silicone diaphragm***
    • 2 x top cover
    • 2 x air tube
    • 2 x silicone massager (fits only the 24mm breast shield)****
    • 1 x B-connector
    • 1 x micro USB to USB cable
    • 1 x AC adaptor

    NB: Unimom breast pumps in Australia are WHO Code compliant and do not include teats. Customers who require teats can purchase any standard narrow neck teats from most local pharmacies.